You must do all 3 steps to complete the registration

After completing step 1 and filing out the online form, you will recieve a packet with your VOC, Fast Forward Form and other information about the class. Please be patient, this paperwork takes a little bit of time to prepare. The packet will be delivered to your student at school. If you are home schooled, please email Mr. Coburn at for the VOC and information about the class.

Step 1

Complete and submit the online registration for the Fall, Spring or Summer session. Class seats are limited and will fill on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Those who have completed all 3 steps of the registration process will be given the 1st priotity.

Step 2

Order a Driving Permit from the Franklin County Sheriffs Office.

Franklin County Sheriffs Office Address:

39 West Oneida, Preston, Idaho. 83263

What you NEED to get a permit:
  1. A Completed VOC form - Verification of enrollment in school (Idaho Law). This form will be given to you at school along with other information about the class after you have registered online.

  2. The student's Social Security Card.

  3. An Original Birth Certificate (photo copies are not permitted).

  4. Glasses or Contacts (to take vision test).

  5. A student photo ID (or yearbook with their picture in it).

  6. Guardian photo ID (Drivers License)

  7. $26.50 (Check or Cash ONLY, make checks payable to Franklin County Sheriff).

Step 3

Take your student and permit receipt to the District Office and Arrange for payment.

(Either fill out the Fast Forward form or Pay the $225).

District Office Address: 105 East 2nd South, Preston, Idaho. 83263

Receipt and Payment to District Office

The Receipt for the Permit looks like this: